Local December 3, 2015 | 11:49 am

Dominican Republic flap reveals Vatican-Washington rift on abortion

Santo Domingo.- USambassador James Brewster on Thursday called cardinal Nicolas de Jesus LopezRodriguez´s recent reference to his personal life and the homosexual relationshipwith his husband "noise."

The ongoing flapbetween Brewster and Lopez Rodriguez reveals a deeper conflict pitting Washingtonand the Vatican over the issue of abortion, on which Dominican Republic´sConstitutional Court struck down most of its forms contained in the pendingCriminal Procedural Code.

"When youmarginalize any group and minimizes its values, without being able to expressall that it has achieved is to perpetuate discrimination. That’s something whichI´ll speak strongly against," the diplomat said.

Brewster said hatredand marginalization take many forms and stressed that as part of his commitmentas the US representative he will fight for the rights of groups at risk ofexclusion and in other areas such as trade, public safety and drug trafficking.

His husband BobSatawake said he´ll continue to support legislation to protect the people´s rightsregardless of sexual orientation, social and economic status or skin color.

"Everyone isentitled to an opinion on how the should live their life," Satawake said inreference the cardinal´s statements.

"Beyond that Ihave no response. I’m not even sure it was an opinion but rather a statement toldto his followers," Satawake said, interviewed by Huchi Lora and AmeliaDechamps on Telesistema Channel 11.

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