Local December 4, 2015 | 10:59 am

Of the nearly 1.2M disabled Dominicans, only 1% has a job

Nearly 1.2M Dominicans aredisabled,12.3% of the population

Santo Domingo.- Nearly 1.2million citizens suffer from some form of disability according to Dominican RehabilitationAssociation (ADR) director Arturo Perez Gaviño, who said the number represents12.3% of the country´s total population.

The figures werereleased to mark International Day of Disabled Persons, which in Dominican Republicless than 1% have managed to enter the workforce, “because of all theconstraints they face.”

"That number istoo poor, it is really very low. But this situation also affects the lowpreparation of people with disabilities, because they often don’t haveopportunities or to study," said the head of the ADR, which providesrecovery services to people with physical or intellectual challenges.

Perez said DaniloMedina´s Administration must resolve the issue by find a way to provide jobs ofvalue for anyone with disabilities.

"That 12.3% of thepopulation deserves an opportunity, because it is a representative of thecommunity group. They deserve better attention in concepts of public policy,accessibility and employment rights," Perez said at a wreath-laying ceremonyaccompanied by officials, dozens of students, beneficiaries and partners.

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