Local December 7, 2015 | 11:24 am

Firing of prominent journalists draws quick rebuke

Santo Domingo.- Justhours after prominent journalists Marino Zapete and Edith Febles announced theyhad been fired from their popular news-commentary program, Press and LawFoundation president Namphi Rodriguez asked the NoticiaSin media group toclarify their layoffs.

Early Monday Zapete hadmade the announcement on his program El Despertador, quoting an expression by presidentDanilo Medina that "I was defeated by power."

Rodriguez said if thegovernment exerted pressure to silence the reporters, "we would be facinga serious violation of freedom of expression."

"These journalistsdo a critical job that contrasts with the situation in many media, therefore itcannot be taken as a simple layoff, so we have to investigate whether thegovernment has had to do with their departure from the program," saidRodriguez.

He said the country is politicallylopsided because neither Congress nor the Judiciary, nor the oppositioncounterbalance the Government, so some media are assuming that role in favor ofdemocracy.

"The emergence ofthese media is essential to ensure more balance and better control of thegovernment, since the opposition is disjointed and authorities are influencedby the ruling party," Rodriguez said.

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