Local December 8, 2015 | 8:46 am

Judges´ scandal spooks former top prosecutor: El Caribe

Santo Domingo.- Formerjustice minister Radhames Jimenez scurries from the press, hides and has evenchanged his residence after a suspended judge accused him of forming part of a networkwhich allegedly manipulated lawsuits and sold rulings to release felons linked to organized crime.

Jimenez, who accordingto the civic movement Citizen Participation was the person who ordered suspendedjudge Awilda Reyes to return US$20 million to the company which owns theAtiemar tower involving convicted drug trafficker Arturo del Tiempo and torelease Pedro Brand city councilman Erinson de los Santos.

Moreover, elcaribe.com.doreports that Jimenez doesn’t answer calls and in his law firm they always sayhe´s out of town. “Yesterday El Caribe reporters in his office housed in the 5thfloor of the building located on Frank Felix Miranda street, Naco, and weretold that he was in Samana when in fact he was working inside there.”

“In the afternoon,after seeking all possible means to leave the place without being seen; to say heis not; make all staff leave the office, close the door and the staff godownstairs in the elevator together with reporters, Jimenez slipped through thesmall door behind the building.”

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