Local December 9, 2015 | 10:35 am

Dominican Republic senator on world´s most corrupt list

Santo Domingo.- The world´sleading anticorruption organization included Dominican Republic senator FelixBautista in the list of the world´s biggest corruption cases, CitizenParticipation coordinator Rosalia Sosa said Tuesday.

TransparencyInternational said Bautista´s case has been listed among major cases ofcorruption.

Sosa said TransparencyInternational, to mark International Day Against Corruption today, launched thecampaign "expose corruption," with Bautista´s preselected among the383 cases submitted worldwide.

“The Public Ministrypresented a well-documented corruption case, showing a complete mismatchbetween what Senator Bautista reports in his asset declaration and what hisbank accounts reveal. However, the case was dismissed last week on technicalgrounds by a Supreme Court judge who is a member of the same political party ofwhich Senator Bautista is a high ranking official. This decision has beencontested by broad sections of society and has led to thousands of peopletaking to the streets,” Amnesty International said on its website.

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