Local December 10, 2015 | 1:16 pm

Christmas brings ´total calm´ to Haiti-Dominican border

Santo Domingo.- Defenseminister Maximo W. Muñoz on Thursday said the border is in total calm becausethe Haitians return home to be with their families during the Christmas season.

"Upon their returnis when we have problems because they always try to bring a friend or familymember to enter the country illegally, but thanks to Plan Shield we preventthat," the official said.

He said Plan Shield,launched on January 1, will be bolstered later this month to keep the undocumentedHaitians out.

Although Muñoz declinedto specify how many guards will be added, said “all the agents that are necessary.”

The defense chief spokeafter a ceremony to mark International Human Rights Day at the Armed Forces Ministry.

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