Local December 11, 2015 | 4:35 pm

Dominican Republic opposition parties in imminent alliance

Santo Domingo..- MinorityPRSC party president Federico Antun on Friday said his organization´s ExecutiveCommittee will discuss on Sunday an electoralalliance proposed by the major opposition party (PRM).

The announcement comesjust hours after the ruling PLD party officially announced it won’t seek toretain its alliance with the PRSC –the third largest party-, which had lasted12 years.

Although Antun didn’t specifythe political grounds to forge the pact, local media report that the PRM wouldyield at least nine candidacies for the Senate, among other elected posts in theMay 16 general elections.

In a press conferenceafter meeting with PRM presidential candidate Luis Abinader at headquarters of theconservative PRSC party, Antun said the country needs a balance of power, becausethe PLD controls all three branches of government.

The PRSC leader saidthe long-standing agreement and negotiations with the PLD to forge a newelectoral pact have ended and called the proposal PLD´ "unworkable."

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