Local December 12, 2015 | 10:17 am

Police chief calls for composure during Christmas holidays

Santo Domingo.– The chief of the National Police, Major General Nelson Peguero Paredes, urged people Saturday to "exercise restraint" and to make rational use of the lifting of restrictions on alcohol sale, from 10 December 2015 until 8 January 2016, as established by Ministry of Interior and Police.

Peguero said that the measure is temporary and seeks to allow citizens to enjoy the holidays and year-end celebrations. He added that the people have the right to enjoy the current period of festivities, in a lighthearted and healthy way, with composure and wisdom, respecting the right of others to peace and tranquility.

He reported that the National Police will remain on thestreets to prevent disorders and the disturbance of public peace. He also remindedthe owners and managers of bars, clubs, restaurants and entertainment centersto operate within the established rules and prohibit minors and people carryingfirearms from entering such places.

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