Local December 14, 2015 | 10:16 am

Murder, use of taxpayers’ money taints Dominican ruling party

Santiago.- Mutualaccusations hurled Sunday by the ruling PLD party rival candidates for mayor ofSantiago reveal the use of taxpayers money and is likely the cause of themurder of rank and file of that organization.

Mayoral candidate and StateEconomic Kitchens director Ramon (Monchy) Rodriguez justified the use oftaxpayers money by saying that his opponent Abel Martinez also admits to doingthe same as president of the Chamber of Deputies.

During the PLD primarieson Sunday Rodriguez said he used vehicles and other resources of his agency forhis supporters.

Disputes and tensionbetween supporters of Martinez, a close collaborator of former president LeonelFernandez, and Rodriguez, linked to president Danilo Medina, reached a flashingpoint on Sunday.

The PLD identified thevictim Erasmo Medina, 39, a Martinez supporter, killed by suspected followersof Rodriguez, a homicide which authorities investigate.

Medina reportedly triedto prevent an armed group from stealing ballot boxes after they had broken intoa polling station in the Los Ciruelitos sector. Martinez´s supporters accuse aman identified only as Elvis as firing the fatal shots.

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