Local December 16, 2015 | 10:59 am

Philip Morris empowers Dominican women with education, prevention

Tamboril, Dominican Republic.-Philip Morris (PMDO) and Dominican Women in Development (MOVE) on Tuesday disclosedthe results of the project "Peace and Education: A program to preventviolent behavior and promote education based on equality."

MOVE xecutive directorSarah Julia Jorge said the project aims to empower women to reduce risk andvulnerability to gender violence, through the development of organizational andtechnical skills which lead to social integration.

“We worked on communitymobilization as the main axis through the creation of the "Youth forPeace" youth network whose commitment and volunteers worked do conduct 320home visits, increasing awareness, change of behavior and attitudes,encouraging greater public participation via training, in the spread ofeducational materials produced, which can continue to be distributed and used,along with the recommendations arising from the lessons learned from theproject,” Jorge said.

For Rebecca Ramon, headof Philip Morris Dominican communication and contributions, the emphasis isimportant for her company so that society as a whole can recognize, understandand accept that violence is a problem for everyone and it is essential tofinding tangible solutions to the problem.

"As a society, andparticularly from the business sector, work must continue to strengthen eachactor and ensure an environment of peace through education," Ramon said.

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