Local December 21, 2015 | 12:40 pm

Ex-president slams violence, disorder in ruling party primary

Santo Domingo.- Ruling party(PLD) president Leonel Fernandez on Monday slammed the violence and disorder duringthe organization´s primaries of Dec.13, and urged for the return to the quality of its rank and fileand of its leaders.

"The PLD´s internalelectoral contest was affected by several weaknesses," said the formerpresident.

"It is allegedthat in many places there was manipulation of the registry. Polling stationswere created without the prior approval of the relevant municipal electoralauthorities; and likewise, tables were removed in order to regroup them into one,all of which raised the suspicion of the participants," Fernandez said.

In a statementpublished in its Global Observatory, the PLD president said numerous errors inthe electoral registry on the location of polling stations, which “generated alot of confusion among voters,” who didn’t know exactly where they needed go tocast their votes.

"It has beenargued, also, that there was a placement of Interim Committees inconstituencies that didn’t belong; massive displacement of voters and inclusionof people in the census that are not members of the Dominican Liberation Party,"added Fernandez.

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