Local December 22, 2015 | 8:19 am

Top prosecutor targets Dominican Republic´s land court

Santo Domingo.- Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez on Monday said a report is being prepared onirregularities in the Administrative and Real Estate jurisdictions, to be givento Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German, who requested it.

He said he agrees with thetransfer of judges of the First Chamber of the Superior AdministrativeTribunal, TSA, acknowledging that those measures are prerogatives of theJudicial Council and contribute to promote the changes the jurisdiction needs.

"We all know thatin that jurisdiction, as the National District prosecutor had said, as we havesaid, there were difficulties; sometimes you have to take action against peoplewho have nothing to do with them, but the Judicial Council made that decisionas a mechanism to seek further strengthening of that jurisdiction," theofficial said.

Dominquez reiterated thatthe jurisdiction needs changes.

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