Local December 23, 2015 | 9:29 am

Motorists beware of peril on busiest highway

Santo Domingo.- The lackof efficient maintenance on the Duarte highway, Dominican Republic´s busiestmotorway puts motorists at risk.

Several spans of the highwaywhich links the north region with the capital lack the safety railings, fromSanto Domingo to the La Vega exits.

Despite being one ofthe country´s most dangerous highways, where many people have lost their lifein wrecks, lack adequate protection along the shoulders, many right next tosteep gullies.

Outlet elcaribe.com.doreports that median dividers have been removed at strategic places next tobridge abutments at around 28 kilometers north of the capital, near the town PedroBrand.

Despite the new railingsrecently installed along some spans, more work is needed to improve the safety onthe Duarte´s 270 kilometers, including the span from Santiago to Montecristi,called the Balaguer highway.

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