Local December 26, 2015 | 12:21 am

Dominican Republic’s black population is nearly 8 million

Santo Domingo.– The Dominican Republic has a blackpopulation of 7,985,991, which makes it fifth among the countries with highestblack population outside Africa, according to the Institute for CulturalDiplomacy’s data on African diaspora in the world.

“Terms black, black community and black culture are rarelyused as the majority of residents insist on its European and Indian roots. Thereasons why Dominicans neglect their African heritage can be traced back to thedays of colonization when white Europeans were superior and as such desirableobject of identification,” the report says.

The top five is completed with Haiti in fourth place (8,701,439),Colombia in third (9,452,872), the United States in second (38,499,304), andBrazil on the top spot with almost 86 million residents with African origins.

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