Local December 29, 2015 | 11:24 am

Over 300 Haitians deported to the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Over the past two months more than 300 Haitians have been returned to the Dominican Republic from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, countries Dominican nationals can travel to visa free, elnacional.com.do reported today.

Data from the Immigration Agency (DGM) and intelligence and security forces at Las Americas International Airport (AILA) revealed that most of the Haitians had entered the country on legal visas and some had crossed the border illegally.

According to the report, there were cases in which Haitians paid for private jets and flown from AILA to connect with flights to Panama, Venezuela and Colombia as jumping-off points for continuing their trip.

Back again in Las Americas, Migration officials take the deportees to the border for repatriation to Haitian territory, the report added.

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