Local December 29, 2015 | 9:50 am

Stripper visas for Dominicans and other non-Europeans to end in Switzerland

Santo Domingo.- Switzerland announced it will stop issuing special work permits for foreign strippers who hail from non European countries such as the Dominican Republic, Russia and Thailand.

Acoording to AFP, the Swiss government said the eight-month permits would no longer be granted after the end of 2015, on the grounds that they had stoked sexual exploitation.

The permits, created in 1995, were meant to protect foreign women who wanted to work as nightclub dancers and strippers from unscrupulous players in the sex business.

Following in-depth studies, the Swiss authorities decided that the so-called "L permit" status for the women was not having its desired effect, for some permit holders were subjected to forced prostitution after arrival in the country.

Swiss Migration office spokeswoman Lea Wertheimer told the press that 751 people received the so-called stripper visa in 2014 and 712 others were given the permit this year,

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