Local September 17, 2015 | 11:24 am

Agro chief urges land-titling to boost farm income

Samaná, Dominican Republic.-Agriculture minister Angel Estevez on Wednesday stressed the importance of landtitling for producers to progress economically.

He said whenproducers have their land titles, their living conditions improve and their farmland´svalue increases. "One of the weaknesses Dominican Republic´s large andsmall farmers both have is that they aren’t integrating the generational relievers,we don’t leave our children the space to enter and direct our projects so they feelthey can live off of that."

He said young peoplemust be integrated to the land from now on to recognize the productive sector´simportance and know that they’ll live off farm production.

Speaking during the DominicanAgribusiness Board´s (JAD) 16th annual meeting of agro producers, theofficial cited an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) study he affirms showsthat farmers significantly improve their living standards by owning titledlands.

Estevez added that afterfarmers obtained deeds to their land in Brazil their income jumped by 200percent because they increased the value of their land and could then obtainloans and invest in technology which he says doubled their production.

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