Local January 5, 2016 | 8:44 am

Deadlines for May´s general elections start this month

Santo Domingo.- TheCentral Electoral Board (JCE) will start this month the clock on vital legaldeadlines to stage the general elections of May 15, such as sealing the list ofvoters and provide the electoral registry to the political parties.

The Electoral Registry Law55 sets Saturday, Jan. 16 as the deadline to close the registry of voters,which must take place 120 days before the polls.

Moreover Sunday, Jan. 31is the deadline to provide the Electoral Registry database and programs, for thepolitical parties to use to count votes and must be submitted 15 days after itcloses.

The master file of voterswith IDs will also be provided, when the Electoral Registry closes on Thursday,Jan. 21.

January is also thedeadline to start selecting the premises to vote abroad; test the transmissionof results from those polling site; review the databases for the national pollingstations and choose the people who will work as vote monitors.

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