Local January 7, 2016 | 8:39 am

Criticized for slow response Public Health scrambles on Zika virus

Santo Domingo.- The possiblearrival of the zika virus has prompted health authorities to order the firsttests conjunctivitis to detect the disease on people who go to emergency withfever and joint pain.

The Public Health Ministry´smeasure comes amid criticism of a slow response to the threat of the arrival ofthe virus, already detected in several Latin American countries.

issued an alert Wednesdayunder the threat that the virus will reach the country, for which specialistsand emergency centers will focus on any of the symptoms associated with thevirus.

It also activated the variousepidemiology response and surveillance systems, said Public Health ministerAltagracia Marcelino at a meeting, where documents with the guidelines were distributedto the provincial health departments to ensure compliance.

"Faced with thisthreat, the guidelines will be implemented are mainly the information thatshould reach professionals and health technicians, public and private, foundationsand NGOs," the official said.

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