Local January 8, 2016 | 9:38 am

Presidential candidate pledges an independent judiciary

Santo Domingo.- The presidentialcandidate of a coalition of minority parties on Friday vowed to work to secure anindependent Judiciary, during a tour of the sector next to the Justice Ministryand the Supreme Court.

Minou Tavarez Mirabal, presidentialcandidate of the minority party coalition headed by Democratic Choice (OD),said she has the will to lead the push for an independent Dominican Judiciary,which is undergoing its worst crisis in its history.

"Today in the Dayof the Judiciary we reiterate our determination to make the changes necessaryto have an independent judiciary, to achieve it only takes will and we have it.The Supreme Court must be formed by professional judges with experience in thehigh courts and courts of appeal, that ensures the independence of thejudiciary," she said.

During a tour of the NationalDistrict sector of Mata Hambre, Tavarez stressed that the selection of theSupreme Court justices "cannot be based on nepotism or who are partners ina law firm linked to the presidency of the republic."

"While we redesigna National Judicial Council that is less controlled by the Executive, thecountry needs a government that has the firm will to make the necessary changesto ensure the independence of the judiciary. And a Minou Tavarez Mirabal administrationwill have the will necessary."

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