Local January 9, 2016 | 6:25 am

President visits Pedernales and Manzanillo

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina made surprise visits to thefar northwestern and southwestern corners of the Dominican Republic on Friday.In Cabo Rojo in the southwestern province of Pedernales, he was given anupdate on the Bahía de Las Águilas Development Plan, after touring theinstallations at the Port of Manzanillo in the northwestern province of MonteCristi.

In Cabo Rojo, inPedernales, the president met Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo who explainedthe innovative government program to develop Bahía de Las Águilas and the SouthernRegion.

Via his Twitter account, Minister Montalvo said thatthe president’s visit to Pedernales meant that the slogan “the time has comefor the South” has now become a reality.

“We are supervising the areas where we will soon bestarting the integrated development of the province”, tweeted the minister.Before the president’s arrival, Gustavo Montalvo visited the bi-national marketand the Elio Fiallo hospital, along with other places in the city of Pedernales.

Montalvo said that the government was working ontourism and handicrafts, agricultural and livestock development and onstrengthening small and medium-sized enterprises, which he defined aspriorities for president Danilo Medina.

Administrative Presidency Minister José Ramón Peraltaaccompanied president Medina on both surprise visits.

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