Local January 9, 2016 | 7:19 am

Thick mist envelops part of the capital

Santo Domingo.- A heavy mist coveredlarge parts of the city on Friday, which caused some confusion amongpedestrians and commuters who were unsure whether it was mist or smoke.

The National Meteorological Office(Onamet) explained that the phenomenon was associated with the “good weather”.

“This mist occurs when the sky is veryclear and the heat or the energy emitted from the ground during the day reachesthe sky very easily as there is no humidity and the humidity works like agreenhouse gas and keeps temperatures high,” explained an Onamet employee,during a phone call to a radio show.

As there is not much humidity, the heatfrom the ground is released and cools the surface of the earth and a sort ofcloud forms on the surface, which causes this mist. He said that it clears onceit comes into contact with sunlight.

According to the expert, after the mistlifts there will be clear skies.

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