Local January 12, 2016 | 4:25 pm

Outspoken Dominican cardinal set to retire(Update)

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic´s Catholic Church on Tuesday confirmed it awaits the replacement of cardinal Nicolas de Jesus LopezRodriguez at any time, after submitting his resignation to the Vatican uponturning 75, the age in which bishops or cardinals should leave office.

Dominican EpiscopalConference president Nicanor Peña made the announcement, noting that LopezRodriguez had already resigned several years ago, but which he Holy See didn’taccept.

"He is in goodhealth and we are awaiting the Vatican´s decision for his release," Peñasaid after participating in a ceremony to mark the 25 years of religious serviceof PCMM University rector Ramon Alfredo de la Cruz.

Since becoming DominicanRepublic´s only second cardinal on June 28, 1991, Lopez Rodriguez has been anoutspoken critic against government corruption, the gay movement and oftenconfronted politicians, including presidents over myriad issues.

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