Local January 14, 2016 | 9:22 am

Lawmaker: Dominican Govt. pockets oil savings, calls for protest

Santo Domingo.- Deputy VinicioCastillo on Wednesday called on the population to form part of a civic protesttomorrow Friday, to demand substantially lower fuel and electricity prices fromthe government, as oil prices plummet globally.

The also NationalDistrict senatorial candidate of the conservative FNP party called on all motoriststo leave their vehicle lights on to demand lower fuel prices and electricity bills,as crude plunges below US$30.00 a barrel.

"The country hasto react to government abuse by sending an orderly, peaceful, yet powerful messageto authorities that they can no longer continue keeping the billions saved fromthe drastic reduction of the barrel of oil," Castillo said.

The lawmaker said theelectricity bill, far from falling, has increased, adding that Dominicans wholive on a salary are screaming.

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