Local January 18, 2016 | 4:45 pm

Most admired power company 8 straight years? AES Dominicana

Santo Domingo.- AES Dominicanahas been selected the most admired company in the national electricity industry´spower company ranking for the 8th straight year by Mercado magazine´s "Admired2015."

The country´s biggestpower company said the eight years of recognition highlight the value added bythe AES Dominicana group to economic development and the daily effort by agroup of professionals committed to operational excellence.

“They also clearlyreflect a corporate philosophy based on values, where the most important is thepeople and improve the lives of people in the communities they serve.”

The name AES Dominicanagroups the AES Andres energy complex a combined cycle power plant of 300megawatts, Dominican Power Partner (AES Los Mina) with two open-cycle powerplants of 118 megawatts each and a project to develop a supply of 114 megawatts to the national gridwithout the need to consume extra fuel.

The group´s third plantis the 260MW, coal-fired Itabo.

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