Local January 20, 2016 | 3:55 pm

Detecting smugglers a daily chore: Customs chief

Santo Domingo.- CustomsAgency director Fernando Fernandez affirmed Wednesday that its inspectionsdetect contraband every day, because in his view, it´s one of its main tasks.

He said however that inthe specific case of smuggled cell phones no major contraband has been detectedin the last two months. "Sometimes a passenger brings four or five, butnot more than that."

Fernandez, after speakingin the Dominican Republic Shippers Association´s competitiveness business conference,said National Police chief Nelson Peguero´s assertion that there´s a network whichexports cell phones is possible, but noted that smuggling hasn’t been detected.


The Customs directoradded that his agency´s target is to collect RD$103.1 billion (US$29.1 billion inimport taxes in 2016.

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