Local January 21, 2016 | 8:59 am

Man in Yamasa buries himself to protest bad road condition

Santo Domingo. A man nicknamed El Peregrino de Mogote, a resident of Yamasá, in the province of Monte Plata (east), has let himself be buried to call President Danilo Medina’s attention in order to fix a neglected road.

Interviewed by NCDN TV, the protester said "it’s embarrassing that in the 21st Century this hardworking community is so close to a road that is in such a bad condition."

"We are here to get the attention of competent officials, so that someone finally fixes El Mogote, now that it is in a deteriorating state," the man told the reported as the crowd around him chanted "Queremos carretera, si no va ‘ver candela."

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