Local January 22, 2016 | 8:42 am

Senior bishop ´sick and tired´ of foreign interference

Santo Domingo.- While thefaithful prayed on their knees with lit candles under their "virgin protectorof Dominicans" in an area set apart for worship in the Colonial Zone´s LaAltagracia church, bishop Victor Masalles railed against what he calls foreigninterference.

"We are sick and tiredof being told what we have to do," the prelate said to the hundreds ofparishioners.

The also economist andphilosopher called foreign meddling in Dominican Republic´s affairs deplorable,and asked the Virgin of Altagracia to protect the Dominican people so thenation doesn’t lose faith.

The auxiliary bishop ofthe Santo Domingo Archdiocese called for an education that doesn’t degradesociety. "It should be the outsiders who come to tell us what to do. Theworst thing is that many Dominicans applaud that, they say okay because theyare the bosses and all that comes out of this is the sadness of being enslaved.”

Masalles said there arenational sectors who trying to make Christianity and the church disappear, but didn’tname any sector.

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