Local January 26, 2016 | 9:23 am

Minority party candidate announces primaries nationwide

Santo Domingo.- MinorityAPD party presidential candidate Minou Tavarez Mirabal on Monday said the coalitionthat supports her promotes popular primaries nationwide to choose thecandidates who’ll accompany her on the May 15 general elections.

She said as head of theballot she will comply with the candidates chosen directly by the constituents,"to ensure people’s participation and exercise of internal democracy inthe organizations that support us."

She called on thepopular sectors to exercise their right to elect and be elected to choose theircandidates of their choice for local and congressional offices. "The onlyconditions required to take part in our popular primaries are ethical behavior,serve their communities and committed to fight to change the country´s situation."

Tavarez, the firstwoman in Dominican history to run for president in an official ballot, said thefirst popular primaries will be held in several towns of La Romana, SanCristobal, in San Pedro provinces, and then in all municipalities of Montecristi,Dajabón and San Juan de la Maguana provinces.

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