Local January 26, 2016 | 9:46 am

Top Dominican prosecutor sees a continent without guns

Santo Domingo.- Justiceminister Francisco Dominguez on Monday called for new measures and controls to establisha continent without guns.

The official spoke duringthe Justice Ministers Conference of Ibero-American Countries (COMJIB) inGuatemala, on the UN´s 16th sustainable development goal which seeksto promote peaceful and inclusive societies, facilitating access to justice forall and to build effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

He said the first partof the 16th goal clearly establishes the need to promptly andsubstantially reduce forms of violence and mortality-related rates worldwide.

Dominguez stressed theneed to break the gun-carrying culture because in his view, it´s linked tomachismo and power "which is deeply rooted in many of our countries,especially Central America."

"Criminalscontinue to have easy access to them (guns) and are a grave danger, the greatrisk and the biggest problem we face in terms of public safety, but the sameoccurs with kidnappings, which are executed by articulated gangs which haveweapons, which requires a complete restriction."

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