Local February 3, 2016 | 7:52 am

Top Dominican Republic official vows ‘cleanest’ elections

Santo Domingo.- CentralElectoral Board president Roberto Rosario on Tuesday vowed to use all availableresources so that, despite its complexities, make the May 15 general elections the“cleanest and most transparent in the country’s history,” and will provide contestantswith the highest level of equality and fair competition under current law.

In his speech at the ceremony to open this year’s electoralcampaign, Rosario said its results will come from the perfectly free will of thepeople, "that will be closely scrutinized, and released in the shortestpossible time, so that night we can fully enjoy the most beautiful party of Dominicanpolitical democracy."

The official even quoted scripture in his speech to nationalpolitical, economic and social leaders, and foreign diplomats.

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