Local February 4, 2016 | 10:53 am

Construction workers get liens on powerful official’s accounts

Santo Domingo.- The Construction Workers Pension Fund (FOPETCONS)has obtained liens of more than RD$155,000 million against the accounts of DiandinoPeña, the discreet and powerful head of the Transit Reform Office (Opret), incharge of the construction and operation of Santo Domingo’s Metro.

The Fund said Peña were sentenced by the SupremeAdministrative Court (TSA) for violating the January 2013 agreement with FOPETCONS,and must pay the debt in arrears from the construction of the second Metro line.

It said the TSA ordered Peña and OPRET to pay FOPETCONS thedebt and damages of RD$1.0 million violating Law 6-86.

In a statement the construction association said the TSA placeda fine of 2,000 pesos for each day they fail to pay.

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