Local February 5, 2016 | 10:11 am

Egypt nabs fugitive in Dominican Republic ‘air cocaine’ case

Santo Domingo.- Egyptianauthorities on Thursday arrested a French national with an arrest warrant pendingfrom the Dominican Republic, on charges of aiding the escape of two Frenchpilots sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking, security officialssaid in Cairo quoted by AFP.

Christophe Naudin, an aviationsecurity specialist, on Saturday will face an Egyptian judge, who will ruleover extradition in the “air cocaine” case, the officials said.

Naudin allegedly helpedthe pilots escape in late October while under house arrest pending appeal of a drugtrafficking conviction in Dominican Republic.

Interpol issued anarrest warrant against Naudin and two others in late November, including MEPAymeric Chauprade, in connection with the pilots’ escape.

"Mr. Naudin wasarrested on Thursday night at a hotel near the Cairo airport," said asecurity official, adding that the Frenchman was in Egypt during the last twodays.

He was arrested under awarrant from the Dominican Republic, said another security official.

“Air cocaine”

The case dubbed “aircocaine” dates back to 2013 when Dominican authorities retained a Falcon 50 jetthat was preparing to fly to Saint-Tropez, France with 26 suitcases on board containing680 kilos of cocaine.

Arrested in theoperation were the pilots Bruno Odos and Jean Pascal Fauret, along with theFrench national Alain Castany, identified as a flight assistant, and NicholasPisapia, the sole passenger.

Odos and Fauret leftDominican territory on 28 October, violating the controversial ruling of a travel ban and housearrest handed down by judge Awilda Reyes, now under suspension from adifferent case.

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