Local February 5, 2016 | 9:16 am

‘Solomonic’ Dominican judges benefit their favorite corrupt

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dominguez on Thursdayannounced the appeal of the ruling of house arrest for suspended judge AwildaReyes and former Judicial Council member Francisco Arias, indicted in the “rulingsfor sale” scandal.

The ruling also promoted a reaction by Anticorruption Dept.prosecutor Laura Guerrero, who said the “Solomonic judges” benefit the corrupt.

Dominguez said the prosecutors in the case were instructedto appeal the ruling handed down by National District Special Instruction AppellateCourt judge Antonio Sánchez, who changed the pretrial incarceration of theaccused for house arrest.

He said Sanchez’s ruling is not justified since alllegislation allows it basically for "special” humanitarian cases. “Unfortunatelythe number of cases for which there are two interpretations rise every day: onefor the poor and devoid of a fortune; and one for the rich, drug traffickersand the corrupt.”

Dominguez said the system still needs reforms to put an endto the complicity within the Judiciary.

In that regard Guerrero said that type of action isbecoming the solution for “Solomonic judges” to benefit their favorite corrupt.“This cannot continue.”

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