Local February 8, 2016 | 5:10 pm

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Dominican Republic halts Haitians as Port-au-Prince crisis festers

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- At least 51 undocumentedHaitians were arrested by Dominican soldiers in the town of Aminilla, northwesternDajabon province, when traveling through rugged terrain between the towns ofDajabón and Mao, said the military quoted by Efe n Monday.

Military officials said the foreigners were handed over tothe Immigration Agency for repatriation.

Many Haitians say they were spurred to sneak across theborder because of their country’s political crisis, with no central government asof Sunday.

"In Haiti there are no jobs, no food, no government,no one can be in the streets because they even kill you for a piece of bread,"Raibat Mangó Baptiste, one of the detained immigrants told Efe.

Another detainee revealed that they paid between 2,000 and3,500 pesos to smugglers to help them cross the border, but were then left on theirown.

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