Local February 8, 2016 | 12:34 pm

The country can’t withstand more lawyers: Academician

Santo Domingo.- Unibe Universidad head dean Julio AmadoCastaños Guzman on Monday said higher education needs a reform since many professionssuch as law and accounting won’t supportmore students.

"This country cannot withstand more lawyers, what happensin law is troubling," Castaños said on the program Here is the News, channel25.

The academician also criticized some universities which haveas many as 40,000 students, which despite being a positive factor, as a disadvantagehave many programs which haven’t integrated the changes education needs.

Castaños added that being an attorney demands actualizationand knowledge of important issues, noting that he doesn’t understand how peoplego for four hours on Saturdays and graduate as lawyers three years later.

"If we subject it to critical judgment over theelements of quality, I think it doesn’t stack up. I don’t think they canexercise as professionals."

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