Local February 9, 2016 | 11:09 am

Summit aims to clean the Dominican Judiciary’s image

Dominican Republic.- The Judicial Council on Monday announceda National Judicial Summit with the participation of the various sectors of Dominicansociety, to hear specific proposals to improve the justice system’s management.

The Judicial Council’s decision in in a statemet thatdesignates Council member Samuel Arias Arzeno as Summit coordinator, who’ll draftthe agenda for debates and set a date to implement them within four months.

“The generalcoordinator of the Summit is empowered to appoint any committees it deems as appropriatesupport, which must always be composed of judges, to the successfully complete theactivity,” the statement says.

It adds that Judicial Council president and Supreme Courtchief justice Mariano German, on Judiciary Day, January 7 had announced theidea of ??an open dialogue with the Dominican society.

The Judicial Council also appoints Cecilia Cuello inLogistics Coordination Support; Edgar Torres Reynoso as Technical Managing directorand Justiniano Montero as General director for the Judicial Service Administration.

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