Local February 12, 2016 | 10:07 am

Medina fears debate because official propaganda ‘hides’ reality

Santo Domingo.- Deputy and former ruling party politicalally Vinicio Castillo on Thursday said president Danilo Medina shuns apresidential debate suggested by the Electoral Board (JCE), business leaders,civil society and opposition candidates because his administration’s officialpropaganda touting achievements would fall entirely.

"It’s a contradiction that the president, who says hehas many achievements to show to justify reelection, is the one running awayfrom the presidential debate which the JCE, business, civil society andopposition candidates have proposed.

The reality is that Medina is afraid to go to a debatebecause much of the official propaganda, describing a country totally distinct,with a hidden reality of precariousness and the difficult lives Dominicans facetoday will fall,” said the FNP minority party senatorial candidate after arally held in the barrio Capotillo.

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