Local February 16, 2016 | 8:36 am

Rivals slam use of ‘taxpayer money’ in Dominican leader’s reelection bid

Santo Domingo.- Two candidates for the presidency on Mondayslammed Danilo Medina’s administration accusing it of ballooned government spendingand use of taxpayer money for the president’s reelection bid.

Major opposition party (PRM) candidate Luis Abinader showedfigures daily of government spending and challenged the president to deny it ina public debate.

“Considering 253 days of 2015, the government spent 49million pesos a day in payrolls and salaries for temporary staff, while spendingjust 40 million in the National Police per day, to provide services of publicsafety and public order," he said.

He said that the government spends five million pesos indaily events and festivals, and just 910,000 pesos a day on security in theborder with Haiti.

He said the government spends five million pesos a day inSUVs, cars and trucks, and just 158,000 pesos in machinery and equipment for agriculture."The president-candidate spends 4 million pesos a day, in the Office ofthe First Lady, and only 1.6 million pesos a day in the Ministry of Women forprograms to promote and protect the rights of women."

Pointing to a graph, Abinader said the government spent RD$10million a day in fuels for its officials (excluding the Defense Ministry andthe National Police), and just RD$6 million a day in Services of preschooleducation for children under five.

Minority party

Meanwhile minority party Alianza Electoral candidate GuillermoMoreno said Medina has used taxpayers’ money for his campaign during his nearlyfour years in office. “He’s been uses the resources of the people for his reelection,including the surprise visits.”

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