Local February 18, 2016 | 9:16 am

Human chain again rips into Govt. corruption, jump in crime

Santo Domingo.- During the now recurrent human anticorruptionchain on Wednesdays, the group Poder Ciudadano (citizen power) demanded forcefulaction against government corruption to counter the jump in crimes across thecountry.

It said government agencies such as the State Supervisory EngineersOffice –OISOE- extort contractors to balloon costs and favor others it affirms don’tbenefit the country, citing the remodeling of the Dario Contreras Hospital and thetwo coal-fired plants being built at Punta Catalina.

Poder Ciudadano said the presidency should take exemplary measuressuch as shuttering OISOE and bringing all those involved to justice.

The group said reports on spending in the election campaignare reason for concern, because there’s corruption without consequences. “Peopledon’t want more promises or believe in them now, what we demand is concreteactions."

Citing the widespread violence in neighborhoods and innercities, the organization blames impunity and social breakdown promoted by theGovernment, “where corruption reigns.”

“The Government is taking a frightening and dishearteningmessage to the citizens, where crime isn’t prosecuted,” it said, noting thatthe population is in the crossfire of street crime and government corruption.

"President Danilo Medina should know that hisgovernment’s indolent behavior in dealing with insecurity is filling theDominican family with deaths on our streets daily, and it’s a Stateresponsibility to protect the population, which is paying the taxes that maintainthe government.”

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