Local February 29, 2016 | 4:30 pm

In a switch, towns want police precinct shuttered

Santiago.- Hundreds of dwellers from several neighborhoodsof Baitoa township on Monday marched to the police precinct at Palo Amarillo todemand more protection from the officers against criminals. The complained thatthe police only protect the facilities of the company Cementos Cibao and not theresidents.

Protesters from the sectors La Jagua, Palo Amarillo, LosCireuels, Los Picos, Doña Agueda, Baitoa and other areas marched severalkilometers to the Palo Amarillo Police precinct where organizers picketed todemand its transfer.

Youth advocate Junior Tejada said the precinct located infront of Cementos Cibao doesn’t provide security to the community and protect onlythe cement plant.

He said last week the worker Alexander Acosta was thevictim of criminals near the police station, where he had previously visited toseek assistance. He added that since the police refused, Acosta decided tochase two men who had stolen a motorcycle from his neighbor, but was shot dead.

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