Local February 29, 2016 | 4:12 pm

Journalist calls for support in spat with Catholic Church

Santo Domingo.- Journalist Adalberto Grullon on Monday invitesall colleagues to attend the Ciudad Nueva courthouse 8th penalchamber at 9am Thursday, in a show of support for the four journalists and a communityleader charged with slander by Catholic priest Manuel Ruiz.

Grullon said the charges against Marino Zapete, Diana Lora,Altagracia Salazar and Franklin Guerrero stem from their support for the ElPedregal sector, which demands placing priority enrollment for their childrenin a local school, over those from other areas of the National District.

He called the charges s unfounded as evidenced by theirrejection in three courts where Ruiz had submitted them.

"Padre Ruiz is a man of the Cardinal, who considershimself big enough to prohibit any public criticism of his highly questionablebehavior as a religious power and public man who calls for prison and finesagainst the four journalists and the president of the El Pedregal NeighborhoodBoard,” the journalist said.

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