Local February 29, 2016 | 8:13 am

Official says ‘air cocaine’ case extradition from Egypt imminent

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican government on Sunday said Frenchnational Christophe Naudin’s extradition from Egypt is imminent, and will facecharges of aiding the escape of two French pilots convicted of drug traffickingin the case French media dubbed “air cocaine.”

"Naudin‘s extradition is a big step forward,"said Justice minister Francisco Dominguez.

French media yesterday reported that Cairo confirmed Naudin’simminent transfer to the Dominican Republic, where Dominique announced his indictmentfor drug trafficking and conspiracy.

"Achieving the extradition of Naudin shows strength inaction of the diplomatic corps, Interpol and the judicial mechanismsinvolved," said Dominguez.

Naudin, an aviation safety expert, has been held in Egyptsince early February on an international arrest warrant issued by the Dominicangovernment, in connection with the escape of pilots Jean Fauret and Bruno Odos.

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