Local March 2, 2016 | 8:19 am

On mounting pressure, Dominican lawmakers slash slush fund

Santo Domingo.- The Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday voted toreject the slush fund “Social Management Fund” known as "littlebarrel" after the Central Electoral Board (JCE) on Friday announced a capon the moneys lawmakers receive over a period of 60 days before election day.

Nonetheless Chamber president Abel Martinez said the fundmade available to legislators, some RD$50,000 per month, had already beensuspended internally during the last two years. "We appreciate the Board’sintent and spirit of the resolution to ensure a transparent and balancedprocess."

Martinez revealed that he learned of the JCE’s decision throughthe media, but noted that the measure "lacks specificity."

He said the resolution was sent to the judiciary committee,which will render a report no later than March 15.

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