Local March 8, 2016 | 4:44 pm

Landmark ruling, Dominican Republic terrorist gets 35 years in prison

SantoDomingo.- In a landmark ruling, a Dominican Republic court on Tuesday handeddown the first ever maximum penalty on a conviction for terrorism.

The NationalDistrict 4th Panel Court sentenced Frankelis Holguin Medina to 35years in prison, the country’s maximum penalty, for setting fire to a car ofthe Santo Domingo Metro, where 20 people were hurt, one of them permanentlydisfigured.

Court judgesPilar Rufino Diaz, Daira Medina and Gisel Naranjo found Holguin guilty ofviolating Law 267 on terrorism, and of attempted murder.

The court handeddown its ruling citing sufficient evidence to convict the accused, as requestedby prosecutors Laura Vargas and Julio Saba.

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