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Leonel Fernandez backs document supporting former Brazilian president

Santo Domingo.- Former Dominican president Leonel Fernandez backed former Brazilian head of state Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva by signing a statement that highlights the "attempts of some sectors to destruct the image of this great Brazilian" and the social improvements achieved during Lula’s two terms, non-profit foundation Instituto Lula reported.

Read the statement below:

During the past decades, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has played a pivotal role as syndical leader, as promoter of social rights, and as founder and leader of the Brazilian Worker´s Party (PT).

Lula was elected President in 2002 and developed in Brazil a far reaching program of social change, which made it possible to take millions of men and women out of poverty and destitution. His economic policy led to the creation of millions of jobs and to an extraordinary increase in workers’ income.

His Government increased democracy, fostering political and cultural diversity in Brazil, as well as transparency in Government and in public life. The Executive Branch, the Judiciary and the Office of the Attorney General could undertake investigations concerning acts of corruption that have allegedly taken place in public administration.

It is, nevertheless, cause for concern for those who cherish democracy, to witness attempts of some sectors to destruct the image of this great Brazilian.

Lula does not consider himself to be, nor is, above the law, but he cannot be the object of unjustified attacks to his personal integrity.

We stand by his side and are sure that the truth will prevail.


Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Argentina)

Eduardo Duhalde (Argentina)

Carlos Mesa (Bolivia)

Ricardo Lagos (Chile)

Ernesto Samper (Colombia)

Maurício Funes (El Salvador)

Felipe González (Spain)

Manuel Zelaya (Honduras)

Álvaro Colón (Guatemala)

Massímo D’Alema (Italy)

MartínTorrijos (Panama)

Nicanor Duarte (Paraguay)

Fernando Lugo (Paraguay)

Leonel Fernández (Dominican Republic)

José Mujica (Uruguay)

José Miguel Insulza (OEA)

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