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Dominican pimps and reptiles advance US Envoy’s gay agenda: Cardinal

Santo Domingo.- In the latest salvo in the war of words pitting Washington’s gay activist envoy James W. Brewster and cardinal Nicolas deJesus Lopez Rodriguez. the head of Dominican Republic’s Catholic churchcondemns US donations to the country claiming ulterior motives, and slams its historyof military intervention in “banana republics.”

Lopez’s letter coincides with the position of the CatholicBishops Conference which in its view, Brewster’s gay activism goes against thevalues of Dominican society.

“Unfortunately, to commit your many excesses and follies youhave not lacked all the accomplices and pimps that abound here, whom do notdisguising their vocation of reptiles who’ve begged you for unworthy and brazenfavors,” the prelate says in the missive to the embattled diplomat

The following is the Cardinal’s letter to US Ambassador JamesW. Brewster in its entirety.


Honorable Mr. Ambassador:

I have just received your letter dated today and I am readyto answer immediately, given the lateness with which arrived the same time andmeasuring me from this day and the 25th of the current.

Infinitely grateful that gives me the opportunity not onlyto answer his letter but also to clarify certain issues related to it and whohave occupied public attention these days.

He informs me that on Saturday 25th of this month arrive inthe country a US military aircraft with a series of donations made to theDominican Republic various organizations in the Chicago area.

The second paragraph of your letter refers to recentstatements of mine, suggesting that the donation "can be interpreted asinterference in the internal affairs of the Dominican Republic" toconclude this naive question:

"Your Excellency, should leave alone DominicanRepublic in this case and not to render aid?"

"My personal opposition is not to authorize thearrival of this aircraft in the Dominican Republic until not have its opinionregarding this shipment of humanitarian aid, which can be misinterpreted, in whichcase it would acquire the name of "interference" (sic).

Since my opinion will weigh both in its decision gesturethat honors me greatly, I see myself constrained to give it and I do verypleased.

Honorable Mr. Ambassador, I regret that your mood thesedays, because of their own mistakes as a diplomat, not allow him to see certainthings with more clarity and serenity and to renounce the position thatcorresponds to descend to the level that reflects its ridiculous letter.

Start by saying that we should not have privileged brain todistinguish between what is a, untimely, unfair and unacceptable andinconceivable interference that committed by you and your government throughsome of his countrymen on the occasion of the elections of May 16, and what a reliefof which abound in the world.

But this is not an isolated episode. The history of LatinAmerica is plagued by interference of gender in what refers to remove and putgovernments, to draw rules and policies to the rulers of these worlds andoverzealous defense of the "interests and lives," Americans, althoughthis requires run over entire populations and ignoring the sovereignty ofothers.

So they enjoy much sympathy from these banana republics, asdeign to call respectfully, and we are known in certain journalistic, economicand power of their nation instances.

Unfortunately, to commit many excesses and follies have notlacked for here in all accomplices and pimps moment, who do not disguising hisvocation of reptiles have begged them unworthy and brazenly favors.

While acknowledging in honor of the truth against thoselacking patriotism traitors have risen outstanding figures who have denouncedand fought gallantly. We remember with veneration.

I must also tell Mr. Ambassador, that your letter has notsurprised me at all because watching him act as diplomat in our country Iwondered more than once what private or government institution Dominican Youbelonged to afford such liberties and move by the national geography, oftenmaking statements clearly at odds with your investiture. I even think it’s anew diplomatic, very rare style by the way, he is debuting its powerfulcountry.

Returning to the original reason for this letter, and ashis "personal position is not to authorize the arrival of the aircraftreferred to the Dominican Republic" until not count on my opinion, Iassure you, Mr Ambassador, I agree completely with you that not authorizes suchlanding on Dominican soil (if up to me, would forbid definitely), consideringthat our condition of poverty, although it is serious but carried with dignity,does not reach the end of begging for humiliating alms, especially when theycan be interpreted not as interference but as a way to silence those who likethe undersigned were reluctant to accept the gift that distills his unhappyletter. In addition it is curious that this donation comes precisely in thesedays when there are other times to do it.

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