Local March 15, 2016 | 8:04 am

The economy is ‘very negative’ for 60.9% of Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- A large majority (60.9%) of the population saysthe current condition of Dominican Republic’s economy is very negative; 16% sayit is positive, while 22.8% call it regular.

The Gallup-Hoy survey found that in the metropolitan area,which has the highest economic development, 61% of residents have a negativeview of the economic situation.

East region residents have similar estimate with 62%, the Northis 63% and the South is 55.7%.

When asked about political preference, 87.5% of those who supportthe major opposition party (PRM) say the economy is not in good condition.

Moreover, 46.2% of those who support the ruling party (PLD)have a negative view on the economy, compared with 63.9% of those who adhere tothe once powerful PRD party, now part of the pro-government bloc.

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