Local March 16, 2016 | 9:08 am

Dominicans take surprising plunge in happiness

Copenhagen.- Perhaps best known for Shakespeare’s Hamletand the fierce Viking warriors that being the world happiest country, Denmark haswon in the latter category, AP reports.

The ow ranking comes as a surprise since Dominican Republicwas the second happiest nation in the region in 2015, according to pollsterLatinobarómetro.

The United Nations has again made it official: the UN hasdetermined that the Danes are the happiest people on Earth, according to astudy with 156 countries.

Knud Christensen, 39, a social worker knows why his compatriotsare relaxed: they feel safe in a country with few natural disasters, lowcorruption and a nearly total absence of dramatic events.

"We don’t have worries," Christensen says with asmile, standing on a street near Copenhagen City Hall. "And if we worry it’sabout the weather. Will it rain today, or will it be gray, or will it becold?"

As for Latin America and the Caribbean, the best positionedterritories are Costa Rica, 14th and Puerto Rico, 15th.

Mexico ranked the highest in the region (21), followed byChile (24), Panama (25), Argentina (26), Uruguay (29), Colombia (31), Guatemala(39), Venezuela ( 44), El Salvador (46) Nicaragua (48), Ecuador (51), Bolivia(59), Peru (64), Paraguay (70), Jamaica (73), Dominican Republic (89), Honduras(104) and Haiti (136).

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