Local March 18, 2016 | 4:07 pm

OAS offers scholarships for masters, doctorate degrees, graduate research

Santo Domingo.- The Organization of American States (OAS),the Global Institute of Higher Studies in Social Sciences (IGLOBAL) and theGlobal Democracy and Development Foundation (FUNGLODE) on Thursday hosted abriefing on opportunities scholarships for undergraduate and graduate 2016.

At the meeting OAS Dominican Republic Office technicalofficer Pamela Ogando explained the procedure to apply for the agency’s AcademicScholarship Program for citizens of member countries.

The regular scholarship program is available until 31March. "Students who wish to participate must submit their documents atthe Higher Education Science and Technology Ministry (MESCyT)," Ogandosaid.

He said MESCyT is responsible for verifying that alldocuments are complete and provide a shortlist of applicants. The OAS assumesthe final selection.

Ogando said three letters of recommendation, a collegedegree, record of grades and a CV are required to apply for OAS scholarships.

The official said Academic Scholarship Program of the OAS(Regular Program), established in 1958, every year awards scholarships for masters,doctorate or postgraduate research leading to an university degree. "Theyare given to people who will contribute to the development of their community andcountry."

Postgraduate courses are taught in the modalities of correspondence,face-to-face and bimodal. The list includes courses in English, Spanish andMandarin.

Additional information or advice: ocasrepublicadominicana@oas.orgor pogando@oas.org. Phone call 809-567-7500.

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